Vision and Mission


To be a business-based service enterprise, as an income generating—a reliable, professional and accountable source of income—in the field of education and development, cultural and social services, as well as production and other rented enterprises to support the creation of a leading Faculty of Languages and Arts in language, literature, and art education in Southeast Asia by 2025 that can guarantee the well-being of all its citizens.

  1. Organizing education and training services on an ongoing basis in the fields of language, literature and art that are innovative, creative, up-to-date, contextual to support the improvement of the quality and capacity of human resources.
  2. Organizing cultural and social activity services to obtain income generating towards FBS UNY that is superior and can ensure the welfare of all its citizens.
  3. Providing production and business services in the faculty environment professionally, especially related to physical and non-physical capitals owned by FBS UNY


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