Field Coverage

No# Field Sub Field Description
1 Education and Development of Science and Education of Language, Literature and Art Education Kinarya contributes to the development of skills and careers for the general public to support lifelong learning. Facilities offered by language, literature, and art education and training programs, as well as the provision of resource persons or experts in language, literature, and art.
    Development Kinarya organizes module development activities, media, methods, learning instruments for various language, literature, and art education and training programs..
2 Social and Cultural Social Kinarya organizes activities and social services that benefit the community in collaboration with FBS academic community, partners, and the community..
    Cultural Kinarya organizes activities to preserve Indonesian culture and popularize it to the international community.
3 Production and Business Production Kinarya provides design and production services to support various activities or events such as seminar kits, merchandise (mugs, hats, key chains, etc.), t-shirts, and other creative products.
    Business This sub-field provides cooperation services to meet the business needs of partners, such as website development, posters, and other business tools. Kinarya also offers building rental facilities such as art theater building, karawitan laboratory, music laboratory, fine arts laboratory, crafts and crafts, dance lab, language lab, and pavilion to support various events.



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